Saturday, 3 March 2012

Too much to do, too many ideas, wayyy too little time!

I have been crocheting like crazy but got distracted by some Ami play food for my daughter. I never realised how long amigurumi takes too bloody ages :O LOL.

But I have so many ideas whirring around in my head, a massive to do pile and a buying more wool ban.

So that limits me to the to do pile and finding projects that uses up my massive stash of wool up.

Soooo far on my I am gonna do list is,

Finish my blanket on my bed
Make some cushions
Make a couple more tops/waistcoat thingy
Make some granny squares
Make myself a bag
And will probably end up making some more play food for Little Z 'cos she loves it!

I really must get round to uploading the pics of the playfood- another one for my to do list LOL.

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