Monday, 28 February 2011

New bits (photos)

Last night...

I managed to finish making 3 corsage flowers crocheted out of rags, 1 rug and a granny square done and...I tidied up all my craft boxes!

So feeling a bit smug :D

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Where to start, I wanted to sell my things but it looks a bit more complicated than I thought and I dont have the headspace for all that, I will keep on making and build up 'stock' so when I can I will set up a little venture, but this year is going to be tough.

Zarah is having investigations into why her left leg is smaller and twisted...regardless of why and what the investigations find she will be having an operation....Scary. But I don't want her to have to suffer like Hubster suffers with his problems now. So we will be brave for her and deal with whatever happens...

So we have an MRI soon and another appointment with the consulatant and registrar (whom she adores!). She had blood took the other week and was a star, she didn't even feel it and was pleased as punch to get a sticker!

It won't be long before Mae starts pre-school either which is sad as I will have no more babies at home all day with me, I am not sure what I am going to do with myself :/

We have made a massive decision that may or may not happen for us (money is a hurdle) but we eventually want to give up our bricks and mortar and live a more alternative life...then we may be settled...Hooray!

A riverboat would be the dream goal but we aren't ruling out anything :)

So here's to the future and whatever that may bring!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Some new bits

All made from recycled bits and bobs....mostly jumper sleeves from 'unusable' jumpers, recycled or reclaimed or vintage or odd ends  yarn and some crude stitching, bit of crochet and ....Ta-da! Nice and cosy arms esp. if you are like me and insist on buying 3/4 sleeve jumpers and being cold :D

Projects put aside...back to work now!

I have finally set-up a folksy shop properly. So I am trying to build up my stock and so far so good!

So in a couple of weeks hopefully have enough to fill the shop!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Whoopsie...forgot a pic!

We started making the kids blankets last summer. Hubster made DS' and I made DD2's. We both took it in turns to start making DD1's. But it kept getting put aside and then Xmas came etc and well life sometimes does get in the way.

Anyway I finished it up over a few nights a couple of weeks ago and she loves it, so here is the blanket that took a long time to make!!

An update

A quick update on the little jobs I have been doing for me!

Big ball of rags that really didn't take long to use up but ages to prep!!

 The start of a big bedthrow for me and Hubster. I have lots of wool that is recycled, cheap, odd ends, carboot finds etc...So all in all if I have enough wool this kingsize bedthrow when finished will only have cost us about 30 pounds!

 My first big flower, I am quite proud of that and it is so pretty!

 2 hairbands for the girls, bright pink and bright purple!
 Wide headband/earwarmer for me!!
 And my favourite so far. These were a pair of second hand mittens that I paid a pound for. I cut the mitten end off and crocheted roun there with a 3mm hook and some lovely soft aran in cream and made myself a pair of wristwarmers. I may be attacking old jumpers and gloves like this and 'repurposing' them for a new use!!

 I am not brilliant and making clothes from scratch so this may be a new way forward for me, just another project to the already long list :D

Well that is it for now, will do another update again soon!

Happy crafting :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Well it has beena bit hectic since Christmas. We had my birthday, our anniversary and the girl's birthdays, so february should be quieter....but it isn't... So far Zarah has had 2 hospital appointments and has been a superstar! We still don't know what is actually wrong with her leg but there will be a lot of investigation and finally surgery so it is going to be a hard time for us all esp little Z.

We are also unsure if we want to live here anymore. We just can't seem to settle and just don't know what to do!! But aside from all that wqe are still trying to have fun.

Hopefully the warmer weather will be here soon so we can start getting out and about again, we are going to get the garden in order and build the girl's playhouse too. We also havea day out to Gulliver's planned as well and that looks awesome!!

So onto crafting....

Ihave made lots and lots of rag things that are up for sale but got a bit 'fed up' and lost interest so I am now doing all the unfinished jobs for the house. I have finished a rag rug for my kitchen, started making granny squares for my bed throw (about 35 so far!) and will be doing a few little things for th ekids rooms too.

So for now that's all folks!!