Saturday, 19 February 2011

An update

A quick update on the little jobs I have been doing for me!

Big ball of rags that really didn't take long to use up but ages to prep!!

 The start of a big bedthrow for me and Hubster. I have lots of wool that is recycled, cheap, odd ends, carboot finds etc...So all in all if I have enough wool this kingsize bedthrow when finished will only have cost us about 30 pounds!

 My first big flower, I am quite proud of that and it is so pretty!

 2 hairbands for the girls, bright pink and bright purple!
 Wide headband/earwarmer for me!!
 And my favourite so far. These were a pair of second hand mittens that I paid a pound for. I cut the mitten end off and crocheted roun there with a 3mm hook and some lovely soft aran in cream and made myself a pair of wristwarmers. I may be attacking old jumpers and gloves like this and 'repurposing' them for a new use!!

 I am not brilliant and making clothes from scratch so this may be a new way forward for me, just another project to the already long list :D

Well that is it for now, will do another update again soon!

Happy crafting :)

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