Thursday, 17 February 2011


Well it has beena bit hectic since Christmas. We had my birthday, our anniversary and the girl's birthdays, so february should be quieter....but it isn't... So far Zarah has had 2 hospital appointments and has been a superstar! We still don't know what is actually wrong with her leg but there will be a lot of investigation and finally surgery so it is going to be a hard time for us all esp little Z.

We are also unsure if we want to live here anymore. We just can't seem to settle and just don't know what to do!! But aside from all that wqe are still trying to have fun.

Hopefully the warmer weather will be here soon so we can start getting out and about again, we are going to get the garden in order and build the girl's playhouse too. We also havea day out to Gulliver's planned as well and that looks awesome!!

So onto crafting....

Ihave made lots and lots of rag things that are up for sale but got a bit 'fed up' and lost interest so I am now doing all the unfinished jobs for the house. I have finished a rag rug for my kitchen, started making granny squares for my bed throw (about 35 so far!) and will be doing a few little things for th ekids rooms too.

So for now that's all folks!!

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