Sunday, 29 July 2012

New life, fresh start.

We have recently decided to give up bricks and mortar and bought a static caravan to live here with friends :)

So a new area, new home, new school for the kids...but it will be so much better than being tied to an area we are not happy in at all and to a house that costs a fortune to live in.

The caravan we have bought is a fixer needs cleaning, painting, new carpet.And a woodburner to keep us warm.

A couple of weeks in the tent, lots of elbow grease on the caravan and a better more fun free life  for us and the kids :)

But I have managed to squeeze in some time to keep crocheting my green granny mandala..
And I really need to make more of these...
I will try to get round to doing a pos of everything I have been up making EDF zingy men, giving a dolly dreadlocks, dressing up my dog etc etc ;)