Sunday, 26 September 2010

New to this!

Well here goes, some where to show all my things I make. Bear with me as Iam computer useless and my typing is terrible...

Anyhoo, I have so far made some crochet blankets, lots of bits for the house, a crochet phone sock thingymyjig, a rag rug, Ive tried ome peg loom weaving (very naff) and am just starting some applique.
I really want to have a go at Tapestry needlepoint but am unsure where to start but will try again at some point once all the other jobs are finished, need to get cracked on with a rug for my girl's room.

I love recycle stuff into crafts and buying 2nd hand bits too, so most stuff will be remade, recycled, dirt cheap etc...
Hopefully someone will read my blog stuff, if not it stops me boring my husband to death by twaffling on about crafts!
Amy x

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