Sunday, 26 September 2010

Some pictures of the stuff I have done so far...

Crochet blanket for my daughter
Rag rug woven on a peg loom, not brilliant as it is very loose, still haven't found a really good use for the peg loom...
Some orangey coloured wool woven on the peg loom, once again quite loose so don't know how long it will last...
Crochet  phone sock, my 1st attempt at something other than a blanket!
My 1st ever attempt at Tapestry needlepoint, lots of flaws but I can see where I went wrong etc..
My 1st ever crochet rag rug, it consists of 6 T-shirts, pair of joggers and 1 fleece top, it is for my son's room..

Some crochet flowers that I had a go at but my daughter has now stolen!
A lightshade made form xylophone keys and plastic coloured cutlery..
Melted vinyl is great fun!

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