Sunday, 28 November 2010

3 new rag rugs...finally finished

3 very different rugs and I have finally finished them! I am very, very happy with how they look and wish I could keep them all but these are either going to be sold or given as gifts.

And this one is for my lounge..


  1. This is a craft I have been intending to try for many years. I need a kick up the derriere . . . Brilliant work and good luck with making them for sale.

  2. It is such a satisfying craft...You get to use up material that has no other use and it develops so quickly that you see results straight away. These are the only crafts I get finished within a reasonable time frame everything else gets started then stopped!

  3. they are really nice, they can make your room look so much different and very cozy :)

  4. They are fabulous! I especially love the green one, you have inspired me to get on with it!

  5. Thanks :)

    The awesome thing is, no matter how ugly the material it somehow looks good at the end. And any colour seems to go in my lounge. My lounge is all natural colours, cream, greens and browns but even the pink ones look good inhere!

    Go for it gt it really is such a fun craft.