Sunday, 7 November 2010

Getting along slowly...

My rag rug for the lounge is almost done and I have made a few squares for my bed throw and even came away from traditional granny squares and did a couple of different ones with no help!

I need to do some more rag rugs as my material pile is massive, I also need to make the wraps for my skeins of wool and crochet hooks but this is kinda scary as I need to use the 'new' electric sewing machine I have and the very pretty material I bought!
I am still on the hunt for raw sheep and alpaca fleece to try and get some use out of my peg loom, so hopefully next spring I can make a rug and now I keep looking longingly at spinning wheels! Would love a loom too....

But I have been given a knitting machine by a very generous persoan and a very lovely and kind lady is going to come up and show me how to use it as I haven't got a clue!

So I think that is it for now....Oh and I am going to get some hessian sacks and have a go at a proddy rug and maike the girl's a rainbow wall piece for their room, by making the design onto the flat side rather than the shaggy side.

My job list seems to get longer and longer!!


  1. Tahnk you so much for posting your link on the forum for me to track you down and follow you. I have yet to attempt a rag rug and I am looking forward to seeing your end product xxx

  2. Sorry it took so long to get back I am useless on this blog!

    Everyone should have a go at rag rugging it's such an enjoyable craft ;)